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Acid Rain

Mitchell Spinelli, founder of Rain, discusses how he got the company started."I started Rain in 1997. At that time, it was cutting edge. But when things started changing two years ago, Rain became antiquated. For a long time, if you put a pretty girl on the cover, you got a winner. Before the Internet, people didn't pay much attention to what was inside. I had good-looking covers with girls such as Tera Patrick, Brianna Banks, Mary Carey... That was good enough. But about two-to-three years ago, I saw my numbers started to fall.

"You had guys like Red Light, Platinum, Zero Tolerance... They have an edge on what people are watching. With the Internet, the consumers are totally wise now. They know who's in what, how many anals. You can't fool 'em anymore. They just created this new kind of product. It's spawned by Evil Angel, the template of porn. Anabolic.

"I saw my numbers fall from maybe 2000 out the door to maybe 500. I got panicky. I took a trip around the country and talked to distributors and found that boxes of Vivid and VCA were going back and tons of Red Light was coming in.

"Old timers such as myself felt it was a badge of honor to say we never watch these things. We brag about it.

"I got home. My wife and I for a month watched gonzo. We saw how terrible Rain was as far as the lighting and sex and how good Red Light was. I took myself out of the equation. I took my name off the box and tried to reinvent myself as Acid Rain which is aggressive, hardcore, in your face, ass-to-mouth take no prisoners." Interview Courtesy Of LukeIsBack.com

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