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Sora Aoi

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Sora Aoi Porn Star Biography

Sora Aoi (A/K/A, Sora Aoi, Aoi Sora, Aki Sora) is the stage name of a Japanese adult video (AV) idol, nude model, film and television actress and singer. Her popularity as an adult video actress has led to celebrity status as a media personality in Japan and abroad. Sora Aoi was a student working at various part-time jobs in the food-service industry. Though she wanted to become a pre-school teacher, while in her third year in high school, she was scouted by a talent agency for gravure modeling. Sora decided to enter the adult entertainment industry with the objective of working in television and in other parts of the entertainment industry.

Adopting the stage name Aoi (meaning "blue" in Japanese) and Sori (meaning "sky" in Japanese), she appeared as a provocative model in the June 2002 issue of Bejean, a popular Japanese men's magazine and then made her debut in adult videos at age 18 in July 2002 in Happy Go Lucky for Alice Japan Studio, an affiliate of one of Japan's largest producers of pornography at the time. Later that year she appeared in The Blue Sky (for the Max-A studio). For her video appearances in 2002 Sora received the runner-up award as Best New Actress in the 2002 X City Grand Prix Awards.


Noted for her young looks, hot body and innocent demeanor, Sora Aoi has a soft side. Whether at poolside, playfully splashing the camera, trying on various outfits in a very bubbly, girly way, or teasingly exposing her breasts and butt, Sora knows how to seduce the camera and the viewer. As a porn star, this cute, petite, brunette Japanese hottie with a G-cup found her stock in trade portraying sexy, innocent, horny, naughty, teens, whether schoolgirls, co-eds, with a unique appeal. She also starred as the horny MILF and in some fetish content. Some of the more than two dozen films she appears in include: The Blue Sky (a nod to her name); Cohabitant with Sora; Asian Beauty 1; Tsumugi; Sora in the Wonder Land. Sora Aoi reportedly retired from adult videos in 2012; but retirement has not decreased her popularity in entertainment in general.


Sora has been embroiled in additional internet fame as Chinese fans by the thousands have jumped the "great Chinese firewall" in order to continue to patronize her website and Twitter feed. In October 2014, Sora Aoi was the subject of an article entitled "How a Japanese Porn Star and a Chinese Brand Convinced Men to Buy Lingerie Online." The article states, "Apparently when it comes to internet fame in China, few people can rival this Japanese porn star and all-around entertainer. Although porn is technically illegal in China, many of the country's internet users are intimately familiar with Sora Aoi's body of work. When she opened an account on Chinese micro-blogging platform, Sina Weibo, it exploded to more than 15 million followers."

A controversial figure with a predominately male following, any publicity is good publicity; and Chinese underwear maker Xianyidai began discussions with Sora regarding a possible collaboration. Eventually she was brought on board to design a signature lingerie collection for a Xianyidai brand called Spakeys. When her lingerie designs hit Spakey's brand store on Alibaba's B2B e-commerce platform Tmall in August 2014, the results showed that 36 percent of the store's visitors and 56 percent of paying customers that month were men. The amount of attention received during that launch, along with the new demographic of customers for Spakey's upheld the value of partnering with celebrities, especially online celebrities, and taking advantage of social media connections when it comes to promoting an e-commerce operation.

Sora's popularity enabled her to delve further into mainstream entertainment, including film, television and radio. From theatrical releases like Gun Crazy 4: Requiem for a Bodyguard; to a romantic comedy, Raw Summer; to appearing on variety shows and acting in several dramas like Glory Days; her transition to mainstream was pervasive. From 2003 to 2012 Sora Aoi consistently made moves in the Asian Rim countries to advance her artistic presence. In Thailand she appeared in a teen movie; in a Korean TV drama, Korean Classroom, she appeared in a four-part series; in Indonesia, she starred in a horror movie, Shampooing or Evil Nurse 2. And when not merchandising lingerie in China, she's sparking a cultural war over her works of calligraphy.

For porn veteran Sora Aoi, her fame has become so ubiquitous that she will continue using her stage name outside of the adult video industry and remains candid about her AV background. Though her porn star role is a persona of sorts, Sora suggests the line between her private and professional identity is (or has become) indistinct. In published reports, she asserts: "I still use my non-business name in my private life, but I really don't have any desire to fully return to it. Maybe in many ways Sora Aoi is a character I play, and I don't really differ so much from her in my private life, but Sora is the name that I feel comfortable using in many professional arenas, not just AV. I have no desire to erase or deny my history."

Out of sight, but not out of mind; though retired from AV entertainment, this international mega-star is making the most of her talents and available media opportunities. As late as 2016, Sora made U.S. news due to the huge amount of attention her public appearance at a Chinese tech company made. Crowds of men filled the lobby, outside, and atrium floors of the tech company building, while teams of media outlets covered her brief appointment.

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