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Lily Thai

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Lily Thai Porn Star Biography

Lily Thai (born November 7, 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA) is an American pornstar of Filipino, Hawaiian and Italian descent, raised in Austin, Texas. She is particularly known for the enthusiasm she puts into her scenes.

Sometime during the middle of her career Lily Thai's breast size increased dramatically, she claimed during three seperate pre-scene interviews that the increase was natural. Although there is no evidence in either way one can say quite clearly that her breasts never had any scars or marks of any kind during anytime during her career. She also allows for the pre-scene interviewer to play with them to "test" their naturalness. The size of her breasts listed in the index on the right side of this page is the size of her breasts after their enlargement.

Lily Thai is well known for her squirting scenes. And Thai has a fondness for body piercings as well, with both her tongue pierced and another oral piercing above her front teeth. In her mid career scenes, Lily can be seen sporting a vertical clitoral hood piercing however later scenes show she has removed this piercing in favour of having silver barbells through each of her nipples.

Lily Thai began being filmed in the Adult Entertainment Industry in 2003 but began boasting as early as 2004 her intentions to retire from the industry and judging by the ring on her wedding finger, during this period, Lily Thai's plans to move onto another chapter in her life seem serious. Lily removed herself from the adult film spotlight in 2005, but has since returned to the adult arena in 2012 and has since launched her own website.

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