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Oriental Rugs

Third World Media
Oriental Rugs
Jul 31st 2009
Jul 27th 2009
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The traditional Oriental Rug has graced the floors of homes worldwide for many centuries. In contrast, modern day Oriental Rugs, are more revered for their dark, muffy color and long soft strands; which look prettier engulfing an entire J-pussy and ass, than simply lying on a tile or wood floor. These modern rugs are much softer, fluffier and friendlier than the old school types. And with a bit of luck and a little rub in the right place, the silky strands become a collecting ground for thick J-sap to spread, and one place where spilling things on the carpet is both encouraged and applauded. Aki Saito is heading to her mans apartment for a date. Her short miniskirt and summer shirt match her very young, cute appearance. Her hair is short and her skin is tan, her boobs are small and her J-bush is a wildly untamed, luscious thick shag carpet planted between her two legs. She sucks her mans cock in the shower and then lays on the bed, spreading her furry muffy-muff open for a thorough tongue cleansing. Her pubic patch appears to be electricized, as it stands on end and completely surrounds her 2 buried treasures. Her lips and clit manage to peak through the thick brush, calling out for hard cock. Her hairy hole gets a bareback romping in several positions, before becoming the new home for a thick serving of Japanese cream pie, that pours from her pussy and coats the entire carpet area surrounding her ass. One nut was hardly enough for her boyfriend, who quickly works up another batch to feed her hungry mouth with too. Shouko Nakatagawa is shy and very timid. She giggles and laughs a lot and is open to trying new things. Her skin is white and her tits are large and her pussy is both thicker and hairier than your average J-chick. Her thick pussy sap attaches itself to her plush forest lawn, as her legs naturally spread, readying themselves for a bareback penis incursion. She moans, groans, whimpers and whines, as her hair box gets fucked then cummed on. This shy girl licks her own milky extract off her mans battle weary cock and balls. Sakurako Kagami is a young chick with big tits and a bit of an attitude. She has a thick body, thick lips, thick ass and one of the thickest all- natural oriental rugs in town. Her thick hair is not only surrounding her pussy and ass, but extends all the way to the soft, dark stubble that adorns her armpits as well. Her pink young slice jumps out in contrast to the dark carpet surrounding its double doors. She loves the feel of a big vibrator plastered on her protruding clit, as it steadily grows and peeks out of the lush Japanese grasslands. Her pussy fills with enough liquid to water the lawn for a long time after its done sucking up cock with it. She gets its good from our man Kenzaki, who unloads a healthy one all over her pretty face. She sucks any remaining jizz up with her hungry mouth. Rie Takekawa looks like a really serious girl; perhaps a librarian type. She looks very smart as well, which may be why she reminds us of the Year of the Oriental Shag celebration. She is very pale skinned, yet her dark fluffy muff is deep and stands on end, as 2 fingers cram her soaking wet moat. This girl may look serious but that all goes out the window, as she gets several fingers in her hole and lots of cock in her mouth. Her hairy monster swallows our guys cock up, as she screams her way to a watery one splattered just due north of her bushy pasture. Kaede Shiraishi works as a geisha in a very traditional tea house. After serving her customer some tea and old fashioned snacks, she bows her head and opens her mouth to provide the ultimate in customer service. The geishas deep rooted traditions also require that her carpet remains untrimmed, and this girl has followed this rule to the letter; sporting a very thick, shaggy rug which sprawls from her belly button to her asshole. She breaks with regular regiment to allow her customer to shave the patch of hair encompassing her ass, before getting her J-hole bareback drilled. Her pretty body shakes and quivers as she cums hard, setting up for a cum dump all over her jiggly j-boobs. Haruka Mitsuki is a baby faced 20 year old. She is small and sexy with white milky skin and young, fresh tits with hard raisin-tipped nipples that stand straight at attention minus any stimulation. Her most attractive feature is hiding between her soft inner thighs; a pink and very pretty wild flower, surrounded by a wild and out of control Japanese virgin grassland, that quickly turns wetland as her clitoris gets rubbed. Her hair-ringed fuck hole fills with slippery J-juice that flows from deep inside her. She cums hard, but quickly quiets herself with a fat cock down her throat. She is a skilled cocksucker and ball licker; not to mention a class -A cocktease; as she slow rides our guys knob before using her power vac to suck it in and dirty up her dark carpet at the same time. This girl knows that in order for grass to grow you need some seed, and our guy is happy to lend a helping hand, by spreading a thick load of fertilizer deep inside her planter.
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Stars featured in this Movie:

Aki Saito
Shouko Nakatagawa
Sakurako Kagami
Rie Takekawa
Kaede Shiraishi
Haruka Mitsuki

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